Delhi to Agra One Day Bus Tour

read this before you book Delhi to Agra Tour by bus, especially if you are travelling first time on this route...
Packing my clothes and other necessary travel things in my big luggage early this month, I never thought of the experience which i got from Delhi and Agra.  I already had read and heard so many weird short and long stories about Delhi, still I want to travel alone with no experience of travelling in North.  By the way I am from southern part of India and a common person like you, working day long and thinking about peaceful life.  Than one day I gave a thought that I should break the routine and take my parents and kids to show them Taj Mahal.

Being a single mother of two, my parents and kids thought that not travelling in a group from your city will be a wrong idea and till some extent I was also convinced by that thought.  But there was something which was pushing me to go ahead and take my family on a solo trip of North.
Somehow, I searched and shortlisted Delhi Agra Bus Tour provided by Delhi Darshan but there was one thing which was out of the way and strucked me in starting, these guys told me that the only way to book with them was online, absolutely no cash booking.  My kids holidays were started and my tickets to Delhi were in my hand, so i gave a thought and booked this tour with them and crossed my fingers that all will happen in the right way.

A day before the tour we were at Delhi and we got the call from them around 8:25pm they gave me the concerned person mobile number who will be present in the bus at the time of boarding and other few handy tips which suits me and my family specifically.  On the day of tour we were in the bus at 6:30am bus halted for breakfast on the way. On the way my younger kid felt Nausea, so I called Delhi Darshan back at Delhi and told them my situation and they assured me that they will halt at medical store immediately and if the situation does not improve than they will route us separately to a hospital on extra charges. I agreed and waited for "Medical Store" but miraculously somehow these guys made us stop within 4 or 5 minutes and announced in the bus regarding the situation and asked for everybody's kind co-operation.  After 15 minutes or so my child started feeling ok and around 35 minutes passed on my child recovered from the situation of Nausea.

I thought that Delhi Darshan really responded to my problem in a very professional manner, they appointed a senior officer at their Delhi Office.  He got orders to leave everything whatever he is doing and handle my situation only.  I remember his name, he was Mr. Anand, a man of his words.

Yes, Yes they showed us Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, halted for shopping, lunch , dinner and their was a halt at Mathura and Vrindavan too.

The best part was that they took very good care of us on the way as we are their family.  Thank You for reading my short experience with North India, this is our country and we really care for each other.  Go ahead and visit Taj Mahal with Delhi Darshan

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